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The Parent Checklist to Choosing Student Accommodation





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As excited as they are about flying the coop and leaving home for the first time, it can be pretty daunting for parents to watch their children begin their higher education journey and make the move into student accommodation. For students, choosing their accommodation is an important part of the process, up there with the course they’ll pick and the university they’re going to study at over the course of the next few years

For parents, it’s essential that their new home away from home is a place where they’ll feel safe, comfortable and have the opportunity to meet all kinds of new people during their studies. So, while location and amenities are likely things your child might be considering, there’s a chance they’ll be living further from home than you may be used to, so safety and security provisions become additional factors for you as parents

Reassuring parents of their child’s safety is a top priority for us at Nido Student. To help you and your son or daughter reach a decision, be sure to check out this list of things to think about when it comes to choosing student accommodation.


What’s in the immediate area?


Safety and comfort inside the accommodation are all well and good, but does the immediate area offer the convenience and leisure a student needs to be able to work and play in equal measure? Here, we’ll weigh up what to consider with regards to the immediate area of any given student accommodation.

  • Proximity to university buildings

Getting used to a new timetable, early starts and a stacked up social calendar can take some time. Whether they’re running late to a lecture or need to pop up to the university library for a few extra textbooks, having the necessary university buildings a short walk or quick bus ride away is going to be extremely handy when the academic year starts.

  • Local amenities

As they begin their journey into independence, it may be the first time they’ll have to cook for themselves, buy toiletries and keep their living space tidy. Having supermarkets and other helpful shops close by will come in handy here, while a plethora of shops, bars, pubs and clubs ensure an even balance of work and play once term is up and running. Along with university societies, there’s sure to be plenty of opportunity for them to get involved at the community level too.

  • Nearby cultural sites

Studying at university doesn’t just afford students the chance to further their future in a positive, enriching way, it gives them an opportunity to do so in some of the UK’s most iconic cities. From legendary monuments to tucked-away gems waiting to be discovered, a bevy of culturally and historically significant sites are sure to expand their experience.

  • Transport links back home

As much as we love to see our residents exploring their new neighbourhood, we know that being away from home can be difficult for some students. It can be a comfort knowing that they can hop on a train or get a flight to see you whenever they need to, so consider how close transport links back home are to where they’ll be living.

Even if they’re not prone to homesickness, the proximity to transport links will also come in handy for any holidays or major calendar events they plan on attending over the course of term time. It’s always good to be able to keep in contact whatever the occasion, even if it’s just a catch up over the weekend.

  • Crime statistics

While the university experience is one to be enjoyed, if you’re concerned about their safety, then it might be worth taking a look at the crime statistics of the area they’re thinking about moving into. This can help everyone understand which the safest areas in their new home city are.


How about the accommodation itself?


As well as the surrounding area, it’s important that their university accommodation is a place where they can work, relax and socialise in comfort. All of Nido Student’s properties are designed and furnished in a way that ensures our residents’ time studying is a safe and welcoming experience featuring the following:

  • Wi-Fi

Whether they’re doing research for essays or catching up with friends online, we know that the internet is massively important for students. That’s why all of our residences have high-speed Wi-Fi.

  • Utilities

With so much on their plates as it is, all utility bills like electricity and water are included in the price of our properties, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

  • Year-round events

We’re big believers in having a calendar filled with all kinds of parties, social events, careers talks and learning workshops over the course of your child’s time with us. It helps to enrich the student experience, and lets our residents meet all kinds of like-minded people throughout term time.

  • Membership discounts

Every Nido Student location across the country partners with global and local brands to bring our residents all kinds of awesome discounts at a range of restaurants, clubs and loads of other cool places. We’re all about making their money go further, and these exclusive discounts are a real treat.

  • Gym

A lot of our residences have their own gym onsite, so if they love to get their pulse racing, then they might want to consider this before they make a choice. A great way to beat stress and promote wellbeing, our gyms are free of charge and are open 24/7, so residents are welcome to work up a sweat whenever they fancy


Packing Checklist PDF Check out the full list of items residents may need when moving into our accommodation.





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