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We’re led by you

The Nido Difference

Here’s the truth. Most property brands are as good as each other. Great rooms, fast wi-fi, comparable pricing, easy locations. We offer security, prompt service and cool common areas… and we deliver. You’ve got lots of choice.

Here’s the Nido difference. Our eyes are on the future. Not of our business, but of the planet and its people. We know that those who live with us will shape tomorrow. They’re going to make the world kinder, more sustainable, healthier, smarter. 

It begins in Nido. They tell us what’s important and we make it happen. Our actions as a business are guided by their hope and vision. They lead us into a better world.


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Our Nido Resident App connects our communities via clubs, forums, events and more
Our residence teams are available to provide you with any support you may need
Year round events programme from breakfast clubs to DJs & dancefloors
We celebrate the many different cultures at Nido through our events programme
Our Check-In Weekend and welcome event brings everyone together
Employability Workshops to get our Nido'ers ready for their future communities


We’ve partnered with Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo, a counselling psychologist with over 20 years experience
Our Wellbeing programme of events help to promote health and fitness in each and every Nido
Our teams are trained to handle health questions and advise on the nearest help centres
We offer volunteering opportunities so everyone can leave their mark
Our Nido Run Club allows you to explore the area & work on your physical and mental wellbeing
We’ve partnered with Technogym to ensure the best gym equipment is available to support your physical wellbeing


Biophilic design means there are always plenty of plants around
Everyone gets a free PET reusable water bottle to reduce single use plastic
Save money and plastic with our Nido reusable tote bag
We’re replacing light bulbs with LED eco-efficient light bulbs in our buildings
We’re installing water efficient shower heads in all of our new Nidos
We recycle all of our mattresses with the Furniture Recycling Group

Design & Technology

Tour our buildings wherever you are. We have 360-degree tours available for all our Nidos
The design of our buildings prioritise wellbeing and community creation
Smart Lighting is provided in several of our Nido communal spaces
Our common spaces are fitted with Sonos speakers for your listening pleasure
Many Nidos offer gaming rooms which include the latest consoles, games and accessories
We design all of our social and study spaces by hand, led by feedback from you, our community


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