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Best Restaurants in Valencia





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Best Restaurants in Valencia for Students

It can be difficult to find good places to eat as a student – not only do they have to be affordable, but offer great value for money with delicious dishes, good portion sizes and an inviting atmosphere. It gets even more complicated when you consider dietary requirements, how sustainable the restaurant is, or how near the restaurant is to your university. 

Luckily, if you’re studying in Valencia, there are a number of fantastic restaurants across the city that are perfect for students. Whether you’re looking for a casual cafe in that offers great breakfasts, a tapas bar for an evening out, or the perfect paella to share with friends over lunch, we have you covered. 

This blog will cover five of our best restaurants in Valencia, including: 

  • Maybean
  • Orange Club
  • Bocadella Tapas da Mario
  • Mercabañal
  • El Trompo Paella House


If you want healthy food that doesn’t hold back on flavour, Maybean might be right up your alley. The brunch, lunch and dinner options here are all perfectly balanced in flavour, offering the perfect nutritious meal out. There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options available here, making Maybean a nice inclusive option for groups – you could stop here with your friends for dinner and then head over to Mattise Club, just a couple of doors away, for some evening entertainment (see our Things to Do in Valencia blog for other entertainment recommendations).

The Orange Club

The Orange Club is a burger restaurant built on strong values – here, you can expect both delicious hearty meals and respect for the land that nourishes us. All their meat comes free-range from agroecological and sustainable farms, and they offer an extensive menu of vegan menus alongside their meat-based ones. You can reserve a table here, order online to collect, or take it away for a long night of studying – whichever way, this is one of the best restaurants in Valencia to order from when you need real soul food.

Bocadella Tapas da Mario

There are a lot of great tapa places in Valencia – we mention another, Central Bar, in our Best Bars in Valencia blog. This family-run tapas restaurant, however, is a true hidden gem. Once you go, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best restaurants in Valencia. Bocadella Tapas de Mario is a family-run tapas restaurant – the owners are sweet and accommodating, and the delicious dishes here are really fairly priced. If you want an authentic taste of Spain, this is where to get it – not only is there a brilliant range of tapas options, but it’s the perfect place to test out your Spanish. Enjoy the perfect happy-hour food over a couple of beers and soak up the one-of-a-kind atmosphere.


Valencia boasts a number of  quality food markets, so it was difficult to pick just one, but we think we’ve made the right choice! The Mercabañal is a spectacular food court. Not only is there a Bocadella Tapas pop up here, but also half a dozen other eateries currently offering pizza, burgers, baos, croquettes and thai-fusion food. This is the perfect place to take friends if you normally find it hard to agree on a restaurant. You order separately and eat together – what’s not to love?

El Trompo Paella House

There are so many wonderful paella restaurants in Valencia that it’s hard to go wrong. Nevertheless, we have our personal favourite: El Trompo Paella House. This beachside restaurant is just around the corner from Nido Malvarrosa, and offers (among other delicious dishes) enormous pans of paella for very affordable prices. Their earthy, sweet and warming paella comes packed with vegetables or perfect with a glass of wine. Take a date here and toast money well spent as you watch the sunset over the waves.

Conclusion: Study with Nido

These are just five of the best restaurants in Valencia – we’ve barely scratched the surface of the fantastic paella and tapas offerings, beachside eateries and fine dining opportunities.

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