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Best Bars in Valencia





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Best Bars in Valencia

Valencia is a gorgeous, vibrant city with plenty to offer new students. From the thriving arts scene to the breathtaking architecture, there is no limit to the things you can see and explore when you’re not studying. 

While the nightlife in Valencia isn’t quite as reputed as the other major cities in Spain like Madrid and Seville, there are still a lot of great clubs, pubs and bars around for students looking for a night out.

We’ve compiled six of our favourite bars for students:

  • Central Bar
  • Radio City
  • Café Berlín
  • Café Negrito
  • Boa Beach
  • St Patrick’s Irish Pub

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away after meeting a tricky deadline, or to sip cocktails by the beach with your friends, there is an option here for you. Let’s dive in!

Central Bar

Situated inside the Central Market, Central Bar is one of the best tapas bars in Valencia. The biggest selling point is the atmosphere – grab a stool and admire the majestic building, the hustle and bustle of shoppers, and the delicious scents wafting around as your favourite tapas dishes are made in front of you.

This would be a great place to come with a friend after lectures or on a weekend for lunch – order a beer each and catch up as you feast on fresh salads, grilled seafood, rich desserts and so much more. Everything on the menu is highly affordable and can be ordered for collection or takeaway if you wish. Central Bar is also passionate about sustainability – they sell several no-waste foodstuffs that you can buy to support them. 

See our Best Restaurants in Valencia blog for more tapas bar recommendations!

Radio City

If you’ve heard of the popular party neighbourhood El Carmen, then you may have heard of Radio City – this is our pick for the best bar in El Carmen, Valencia. 

This bar and club has an incredible story: established in 1979, it has reinvented itself time and time again to reflect Valencia’s rich culture. Once a juke joint pub, it is now a hub for music, art and dance. Entry is cheap, with events generally costing no more than 5€, but the experience here is like no other.

 Radio City is open every night, and every night offers a completely different experience – depending on when you go, you might be greeted with soulful jazz, funk music from that night’s DJ, or the poetry of a student like you on Open Mic Night. As mentioned in our Best Things to Do in Valencia blog, El Carmen is a great place to see some traditional dancing – Radio City often puts on unmissable flamenco shows.

Café Berlín

Ruzafa is Valencia’s biggest up-and-coming neighbourhood, chock full of independent shops, great places to eat, and artists around every corner. In this trendy area, you’ll find Café Berlín, easily the best bar in Ruzafa and one of the best bars in Valencia.

Established in 2012, this bar boasts a fantastic reputation and a menu of traditional and speciality cocktails. This is the perfect place to go on a first date, or to take a friend on a special occasion – the chill atmosphere makes it a great place to share hushed conversations and moments of connection.

Keep an eye out for Café Berlín’s upcoming events – they regularly run language exchanges and exhibitions, as well as host guest bartenders.

Café Negrito

If you’re looking for the best bars in Valencia’s old town, you can’t go wrong with Café Negrito. This legendary bar was established over 40 years ago by Juan Vásquez Vásquez, who still runs it to this day. It is a staple of the neighbourhood, still popular for its great atmosphere, accommodating staff and delicious drinks.

Boa Beach

Of course, the special appeal of Valencia is its coastal location! Get the best out of the beaches by visiting its best beach bar, Boa Beach. Just a 20-minute walk from our Valencia student residence, Nido Malvarrosa, this is a convenient and delightful option for students.

During the day, Boa Beach cooks up delicious, balanced and nutritious food – this is a great breakfast spot to visit on a sunny Saturday morning. In the evening, you can have your pick of spirits, beers, wines and cocktails. Settle into one of the comfiest chairs and gaze out over the waves, toasting another day well spent.

St Patrick’s Irish Pub

No list of the best bars in Valencia would be complete without mentioning St Patrick’s Irish Pub. Considered the quintessential student bar, going here is a must-do for students in Valencia.

International students congregate in St Patrick’s Irish Pub for its lively social atmosphere – new events are happening every week, from trivia and bingo to rounds of beer pong. There are always opportunities here to get involved and meet new people, which is a great way for students to set themselves up with new friends.

Enjoy burgers, chicken wings or patatas bravas with a crisp glass of Guinness, and enjoy the variety of music. The bands cover everything from traditional Irish music to rock, jazz and reggae. For an unforgettable night out, you have to visit St Patrick’s Irish Pub.


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