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The Nido Difference

Nido offer living spaces designed to create communities that value wellness and sustainability, whilst making the most of living in a new city and making new friends. We know that good locations, super-fast WiFi and excellent service are important to you, so those things come as standard at Nido. We also know that you want to live in a place that makes you feel at home, where you can bring old friends or make new ones. We create living spaces, shaped by you. 

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We celebrate the many different cultures and people who live with us. We think a lot about how to bring people together in safe and happy ways.

From urban gardening to pop up nail bars and bring a dish dinners, we aim to give back to the community and bring the people who live with us together.

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We’re committed to the wellbeing of our residents and have partnered with Counselling Psychologist Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo, to ensure our community has access to tailored, relevant content to manage their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

We also run weekly in-person and virtual wellbeing events and exercise classes throughout the year to ensure our communities physical wellbeing is looked after too.


We’re striving to make each of our buildings as environmentally sustainable as possible. From table-tops made from recycled yogurt pots to smoothie cycles and Nido blackout events, we talk with the residents who live with us about what sustainable action is important to them, and we try to achieve this.

We’re proud to have been awarded the Best in Class Sustainable Property Award from The Class Foundation in recognition of our education and action as a community.


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Design & Technology

We know that design and technology is essential to empower learning and self-development. We design our living spaces to reduce stress and to increase productivity and creativity. 

From 360 VR tours before you even arrive at Nido to superfast WiFi to keep you connected to friends and family at home, through to Sonos speakers, smart lighting and gaming rooms, we’re always investing in the design & tech of your Nido.

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