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Could you pass the first year of a biology degree? Take our test to find out!





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Fancy yourself as a budding BSc or just looking to test your science knowledge? As part of a new series, we’ve put together a selection of quizzes based around university courses to see if you’re ready to tackle the first year exams.

For the first edition, we’ve come up with 10 questions on the field of biology, to see how much you can remember from your days in the school science lab. So, if you know your amino acids from your absorption or can recite the stages of the Calvin cycle in your sleep, you might be able to prove that you could pass those tricky biology exams.

And the results are in! How did you do?

The following breakdown does contain spoilers, so don’t be tempted to have a quick peek at the answers before you take the test.

So, how did the nation compare to the brains of biology students across the UK? Did they pass with flying colours or lack a bit of the grey matter upstairs? In true university fashion, here’s what we learned after we collated the results from our research:

  • A mere 5% of those who took the quiz got 10/10
  • On average, those who participated got 53% of the questions correct
  • A breakdown of the questions people most commonly got right and wrong overall is as follows:

Results Table 1


  • The questions to do with theories of evolution, as well as those identifying plant and animal cells, seemed to prove the trickiest – the majority of our participants got them wrong.
  • Surprisingly, participants did best on questions about the endocrine system and lysozyme, an enzyme found in the blood.
  • Men did slightly better than women, achieving an average score of 6/10 compared to the women’s average score of 5/10.
  • Proving that wisdom does come with age, the group that did the best was the over 65s, followed by 17-24-year olds, with 35-44-year olds coming in third.
Age group Average score
17-24 59%
25-34 47%
35-44 53%
45-54 47%
55-64 63%
65+ 49%

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Terms and Conditions:

Open to UK residents only. Aged 18+. 1 winner will be chosen at random and must provide a valid postal address and email contact in order to receive the prize. The prize will be sent by Royal Mail post. Prize is non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash. Giveaway will be open to entrants from 08/10/2019 to 17/10/2019 midnight GMT. Only 1 entry per person will be counted. Only users who complete all 10 questions will be eligible to win. The winner has 30 days to claim their prize before a runner-up will be chosen in their place. The prize may be subject to change and we reserve the right to withdraw or change the prize at any time. Data from this competition will not be used for any other use than selecting a winner and will be stored by Opinion Stage. General and non-identifiable demographics data from the results may be used for commercial use.