Deluxe Plus Studio

Nido Bryggen, Copenhagen

Our Deluxe Plus Studios are 28m2 (or 36m2 BBR) and located on floors 1 to 5. Our studios are ideal if you like to have your own space, kept just the way you like it. You can still use all of our common spaces & attend our events so making friends won’t be a problem. You get the best of both worlds.

Select from a range of room sizes and floors throughout the residence to create your perfect home.

Our room sizes refer to the size of your studio apartment, or bedroom if in a shared apartment, including any balconies. The BBR-areal measurement includes the size of the apartment itself plus your “share” of the corridors/hallways and common areas.

Please note these images shown are of an example room only and that the final size and layout may vary.

What's Included

We listen to our residents, so we understand the importance of having these things included. This room was designed for you to enjoy, from your ensuite bathroom to your communal spaces.

  • bathtub Bathroom Private
  • icon_kitchen Kitchenette Private
  • group-5 Room Size (BBR) 36m2
  • floors Floors Available 1,2,3,4,5
  • bed-4 Bed Type Compact double bed
  • website_icons_blk_sofa-2 Furnished Yes
  • cutlery Kitchenware
  • toiletries Toiletries
  • website_icons_blk_towels-2 Towels
  • bedding Bedding
  • hanger Clothes Hangers
  • dishwasher Dishwasher


We know how important floor plans are for visualising your new room. Here’s an example of our room layouts however, please note each room’s layout may vary.