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Top Tips for Job Hunting





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See a few of our recommended reads for embarking on your job search. Let us know your favourite publications in the comment box below.


There are thousands of books on CV and portfolio creation, interviewing and gaining career success. We’ve skipped over these and recommend a few which will help to analyse your skills in and outside of the boardroom. Two New York Times Best Seller must reads are QUIET BY SUSAN CAIN and THINKING FAST AND SLOW BY DANIEL KAHNEMAN.


Every industry offers specific publications, it’s just about finding them. The more you know about your sector, the better prepared you are when it comes to internships, interviews and career progression. A few of our recommended reads are COMPUTER ARTS, THE EDIT for fashion and FORBES for finance and investment.


Take your pick from the millions of blogs out there. Whatever the industry, you’ll be able to find someone talking about it. From fashion and tech to medicine and dancing. Blogs can be informative and inspirational. Some of our favourites are: CAREER SHERPA, BRAZEN LIFE, THE BRANDING MUSE andUNDERGRAD SUCCESS. If listening is more your thing, check out your University or MONSTER PODCASTS.


Use social media as a quick reference. This allows you to stay up-to-date with industry or company happenings quickly and efficiently. This is a great way of understanding a company, staying up to date on vacancies and networking with important individuals. If you’re making contact, make sure you’ve got something to say and it’s the right platform for it.