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The Upside of Failure





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Failure: a person or thing that proves unsuccessful.

The definition is clear but does failure have to be negative in this day and age? We asked 3 successful professionals how they’ve dealt with failure and if it’s something to be feared. See what they said.


“If you don’t make mistakes, it shows you’re not pushing yourself or doing things differently, you’re just replicating thing that have been done before. I don’t actually like calling it failure, it’s about learning from your mistakes and finding new opportunities.”

-Sabah Naqushbandi, Global Head of Marketing for Mr. Porter


“Success and failure are part of life, whether it’s associated with work or your personal life. You need to learn from mistakes and play up to your strengths. Do this by seeking out a mentor who can give you objective feedback and career advice.”

-Chantal Cantle, Head of HR at The Nido Student


“Receiving a ‘no’ for a position is not a personal thing as it can sometimes just mean not now. Failing is part of reality but the key is to not take rejection personally. Confidence and preparation are key when interviewing. Research, rehearse and video practice will give you the confidence you need when entering your next interview.

-Kelly Scott, Head of Commercial Practice for True North Executive Search