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Private Student Accommodation/University Accommodation





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Deciding where you’re going to live, and who to live with, post first year of University can be daunting, exciting and confusing. The horror stories spreading that you won’t have anyone to live with or anywhere to live by the end of the second semester can be nerve- wracking.

As both types of student accommodation whether it is a University accommodation or a room in a private flat have their positives and negatives, the most important questions you have to ask yourself is whether you want to remain close to the University or take advantage of cheaper rents further out and with how many people would you prefer to live with.

Make sure you attend any possible Housing or Accomodation fairs organized by your University, but before starting the hunt one need to be clear about our search criteria, what your budget is,  what your personality is, if you prefer calm areas with a focus on your studies or whether you are actually seeking a place to socialize, have fun, go out.

Price range:

Price can vary considerably between place to place so decide what budget you have to work with and stick to it. Also bear in mind that the charges levied on some accommodation includes facility bills. Private accommodation can be great way to live in a better flat in a quality location thanks to the split costs. If you want to focus on your degree and not be spending your time sorting out bills or dealing with private landlors it’s definitely a great idea to seek a room in the University accommodation.

However, the prices can be slightly higher than in a private apartment, but on the other hand you don’t have to worry about using too much about paying extra for heating your room or taking a shower. The total peace of mind that comes from  having completely unlimited and unmonitored use  of  the gas,  central heating,  electric, water and digital tv is priceless.

Housing scams:

One of the most dangerous situations while seeking a private student accommodation is the fraudulent listings. Most scammers tend to post unbelievable posts that finally end up being places already occupied, non existent or of a very, very poor quality. Very important is never ever to wire any amount of money until you have seen the flat/ room yourself. Once you decided to go for a private accommodation, try to ally with another friend who is house- hunting. Being two or more people on the same boat makes all things much easier- to check out the conditions of the accommodation, safety and sustainability. When it comes to University accommodation, not need to worry about scammers at all.


The most important is to do an online research or to follow the friends advice in terms of which neighbourhood is better and hip, trendy and young. The most popular in London tend to be Notting Hill, Camden Town or Angel. It depends on what you lay your focus on. Camden is probably the trendiest and most alternative area of those. Great think about University accommodation is usually their location in hip areas compared to Private accommodation that can make you be spending a great amount of time and money on public transportation.

Positive side to a University accommodation

Something that student appreciate the most when it comes to a student accommodation is the social side. Living in a private accommodation can become lonely sometimes, depending on the flat mates and also the distance from the University. One of the best thing while living in the Student accommodation is the Freshers week that is a chance to get introduced to new friends, places, to share tips and tricks regarding to your stay in London.