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Homeless Handout with 4BYSIX





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There is no denying that winter is coming. For most of us, this means adding an extra blanket to the bed or wearing warmer coats and sweaters, however to the homeless population across the UK, the winter weather can be life threatening.

We decided to partner with 4BYSIX who are making it their mission to help the homeless. 4BYSIX are a streetwear brand based in London. For each clothing piece sold, 4BYSIX donate emergency blankets, warmer packs, sleeping bags and hat/glove sets to the homeless community.

To increase awareness for the cause, we took to the streets in London, Glasgow and Newcastle to handout 96 4BYSIX emergency blankets to those in need. These blankets are designed to retain 90% of body heat and are small and easy to store, making it useful for anybody on the streets to hold on to. 4BYSIX also kindly donated 10 Warmer Packs including a knitted hat, gloves and 2 pairs of socks for our London volunteers to handout.

A volunteer and Nido resident Angela said “It makes me feel so happy to know that a few hours of my time can make a big difference in someone else’s life”

The handout was a big success and we’d like to thank 4BYSIX for all of their help and also our Nido residents and Head Office volunteers for taking time out to help the homeless.

If you’d like to get involved, keep an eye on our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK pages for more charity and event updates plus visit 4BYSIX to find out more about the cause.


Hats and gloves for Nido Student homeless handoutEmergency blankets from homeless handout

Students participating in homeless handout


Students participating in homeless handout