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Can You Guess the Bedroom from These Iconic Films and TV Shows?





Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometimes it’s just not enough to be on TV or have yourself projected onto the big screen, loved and admired by millions around the world. You’ve also got to have an awesome bedroom that’s as recognisable as you are too.

There are certain rooms featured in film and TV that are so memorable and distinctive, we know exactly which character or personality they belong to in an instant.

Think back to the bedroom that belonged to Andy in Toy Story. Packed with all the best toys, who didn’t want to have a room like that growing up? And now that we’re all older, how about the bedroom from Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends? Rent-controlled for ten seasons and smack bang in the centre of NYC, the prime location and price made it a truly iconic place to rest your head.

But how well do you know the famous bedrooms that have featured across film and TV? That’s exactly what we wanted to find, putting together a quiz that would test even the most hardcore film buffs and TV addicts.

Think you’ve got what it takes to get all ten questions right? Give our quiz a go to see how well you do:



Below, we’re taking a look at the results of our quiz, so be sure to take the challenge first before seeing how the 2,000 people who participated did themselves.

Results: How well did everyone do?

Overall, our participants scored an average of 6/10, taking an average of 2 minutes and 58 seconds to complete the quiz. But what about specifics – were there any patterns among certain questions that we spotted?

Far and away the most easily recognised bedroom was the Gryffindor common room from the Harry Potter films, which 80% of participants guessed correctly. In second place, the next most-guessed wasn’t from a fictional show or film, but the real-life shenanigans of the villa bedrooms featured on the reality TV show, Love Island, which 73% answered correctly.

As for the least recognised TV bedrooms, the ostentatious luxury featured in The Crown and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s spooky chambers both resulted in just 43% correct guesses.


Want to see how well your friends do? Be sure to share the quiz on your social media for a proper head-to-head bedroom showdown. 

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