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8 must-haves for your Uni room and where to get them





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8 Must-haves for your Uni room and where to get them

We know that moving home or into a new place can be daunting, but decorating is so fun. Decorating your room at Uni is one of those underestimated joys. Every year its a fresh start… new room, new year, new goals! There’s really nothing like the feeling of collapsing onto your bed after finishing organizing and decorating everything.

Over the years we’ve found that there are 8 things I have to have in my room at Uni to really make it my own. Sure, its easy to say what’s good to have but where can you get it and how do you put it all together to create your perfect little universe!!?? Luckily, I’ve done the hard part for you.

First, lets figure out what to bring:

Storage, storage, and more storage!

You can never have enough storage and that is a fact of life. Finding furniture that doubles as storage can be a great way to get the most out of your space.


We know that no one wants a desk full of papers or never being able to find something on your desk. The solution – organizers. Make your desk a work of art or super tidy with organizers. These organizers double as art now that they come in different colours, patterns and styles. Choose what’s right for you and to atleast start your academic year as you mean to go on…


No Uni room is complete without photos. Some like huge photo walls with photos organized by color, others like a few on their desk or next to their bed. Regardless, photos make your room homey and personal.

If you want a ~chic~ photo wall with pics from your favorite movies or fun collages the best place to look is Pinterest. Add key words/ phrases to your search like “aesthetic”, “wall collage”, and “wallpaper” to find what you’re looking for. For example, if you love Elle Woods and want some pics from Legally Blonde for your pink collage wall, search “Legally blond pink aesthetic”. From there you can keep adjusting your search and adding things to a Pinterest board to keep track of all your cute finds.

** CAUTION: pay attention to the time when you start Pinteresting so you don’t spiral into a deep photo search!!! (we have definitely never done this… just watch out) **

Fairy or color changing lights

Mood lighting makes everything better.

Little plants, big plants, all the plants

Plants are a very popular decoration, as we love to surround ourselves with the great outdoors when we’re inside. Plus, plants are also good for increasing oxygen indoors. If you don’t trust yourself to keep a plant alive, there are enough plants that need minimal attention to stay alive, such as a cactus.

Lots and lots of fun pillows

They’re not only super comfy, they’re a must-have to spice up your room. Whether you like to combine with a million different prints, or like to match them 2 by 2, indulge yourself in the wonders pillows and pick whatever you like.


Mirrors are a great tool to make your room look more spacious and of course essential to show your outfit-of-the-day on your Instagram.

Wall Art

Make your room reflect your personality or show off your art preference with wall prints. With lots of options online and even some you can print yourself at home, you can go wild!

All these things are great, but where to get them? Below is a list of some great shops in the Netherlands where you can find your decorations.

£ / €


Primark Home





££ / €€

H&M Home


De Bijenkorf

Got some great decorating ideas or tips? Or want to show off your freshly styled room? Tag us @Nidoliving_uk on Instagram and we will share on our channels as well.