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10 New Years Resolution That are Doomed to Fail





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Ok so let’s all agree New Year’s resolution sometimes don’t work as we wish. However before coming up with a new year resolution which we think it is impossible to stick to why not think of something that you think you can stick to that can be easy. These are the 10 common New Year resolutions that fail however we can try and not to fail on.

1.Having a Fit and healthy body for this summer is an dream come true. Actually if you stick to strict dieting and going down to the local GYM you could actually gain a fit and healthy body for this summer. I know GYM and dieting can be pain in the back and makes us give up on it. but maybe you should try and plan it out, go three times a week to the gym spend couple hours and try eating more healthier.

2.Having a bad habit of smoking and can be  difficult to quit. If this is your new year resolution which is the most common new year resolution which always fails because it is a addiction most people have. This could change maybe you should try out patches, nicotine gums or even seeing a doctor for support and advice. Or even sometimes you can always try quiting on your own, cutting down the amount you smoke and once craving starts try focusing on something else rather than smoking.

3. Don’t we all have spending habit and at the end of the month we have less money? This is really common and this could be a choice of your New Year resolution. We all know “shopping makes us happy” however try spending a little than what you spend. Buy things that are needed. Or maybe go for something that costs less.

4. Moving out and living on your own may be difficult. Ordering is so much easier and faster. However maybe you should try out cooking, looking up easy and quit recopies online. I am sure this will be so much healthier than taking away every day. You can also try cooking with friends. this can help you cooking one day and the next day your friends. And enjoying homemade meals together should be fun.

5. Hate waking up with a hangover and staying in bed the whole day could be annoying. If you are trying to quit alcohol or reducing it to an less amount than maybe you should try cutting down  or drink on special occasions. Sometimes we get dragged away and want to have a good time while feeling drunk and tipsy but i am sure you can enjoy your night out with friends even when being sober. Quitting alcohol is really good for your health and also you don’t wake up to a hangover.

6. Tired of doing the same things every week? Why don’t you try out new things for example trying new restaurants from different countries? Or maybe visiting places where you would imagine that you would go to for example visiting museums. This will help you learn about nature, science, countries and also learning about ART.

7. We all know spending too much time with family could be boring at times and want to spend as much as time we can with friends. However even when you spend once a week with family could change things between your family, getting close to them and enjoying some quality time. You can watch movies, having meals together, going out could make you happy and can cause less stress. Maybe this a New Year resolution but always fails.

8. Is your new year resolution attending more classes and always fails because you always get dragged away with hanging around with friends or cannot wake up for lectures. Then maybe you should try setting more than one alarm, to wake you up early. Lectures can be boring but however attending classes can help you gain knowledge and help you with assignments so that you do not struggle.

9. Who wants to sleep early right? We all have the same problem, sitting up late, going out with friends coming back home late or even studying the while night can cause us to sleep less however you should try to plan out your day and night so that you are well organised. Sleeping early and waking up early can be annoying but however it will help you be fresh and energetic the next day.

10. Promises that we all give but cannot stick to sometimes is sometimes frustrating. Is your New Year resolution based on keeping promises and not breaking them? Maybe you should keep to promises that you know that you will not break for example promise that you would hand it your essay on time but fail to do so.