Nido Campo Pequeno – Student Housing Lisbon

Looking for Nido Campo Pequeno? We have handed over the management of the building to our friends at Home & Co. You can contact them here:  

If you’re a Nido Campo Pequeno resident, please check your inbox for full information on the handover. If you have booked with us already but have not yet moved in, your booking is still secure but if you have any questions please contact the residence team using the details above. 

If you love the sound of life at Nido, we have four locations across Lisbon to choose from:  

Nido Carcavelos, Nido Estoril, Nido Santa Apolónia and Nido Ajuda so be sure to check them out! Drop us a message if you have any questions, we’re available on live chat or via our contact form here 

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