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The health, safety and wellbeing of our residents is our top priority. We continue to monitor the situation closely and are proactively following healthcare and government advice from the World Health Organization, RKI, Federal German Government, all state governments and the Department of Foreign affairs to help ensure we are effectively managing the implications of coronavirus and responding as necessary.

Within our residences:

  • We keep a stock of hand sanitiser for you to use in each of our residences
  • We’re frequently cleaning all communal and high footfall areas, following our strict COVID-19 sanitising protocol.
  • Cleaning schedules, sanitising stations and social distancing guidance are available to ensure we continue to care for each other and keep our communities safe.
  • We are running all events virtually via our Instagram and Facebook channels and are slowly re-introducing in-person events
  • Unfortunately, we had to close all community spaces until further notice.
  • You have to wear a mask when moving through the building.
  • Our teams are available to provide you with dedicated support and ensure you stay safe and well.
  • Our teams have been trained on COVID-19 secure protocol, adhere to latest official government guidance, and ensure appropriate social distancing, sanitising and safeguarding measures are in place.
  • We strongly recommend that all of our residents follow the most recent guidance from the RKI and the World Health Organization.
  • As we need to follow governmental regulations as well as specific regulations for each German state, we highly recommend to inform yourselves accordingly.

In person viewings are available again at Nido residences across Germany. You can select an online tour or in-person tour via our book a tour form. You would need to prove that you are vaccinated or recovered.

We ask that if on an in-person tour, you maintain appropriate social distancing and wear face masks at all times.

3D virtual tours of our common areas and room types are still available on our website.

Should you or someone you know experience any flu-like symptoms (as mentioned above), it is highly recommended to stay at home, try to avoid contact with others and seek advice from a doctor or the nearest hospital by telephone.

Please let your Nido residence team know immediately (only via phone) if you do have these symptoms and need to self-isolate. We can provide you with the advice and the support you will require during this time.

Anyone who has had personal contact with someone who has been diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 should contact the relevant health authority immediately and regardless of symptoms, contact a doctor and stay at home.

In accordance with government guidance, we advise against having many visitors to the residence, but you can still have visitors in your room. You need to ensure to follow the house regulations.

We understand that some students, especially those from overseas, may be anxious and you may be considering returning home. If you do decide to return home, it is important that you notify us that you are leaving.

We would also ask all students to exercise sensible precautions including not travelling to an area where there is a travel warning in place. Information about this can be found on the respective country pages of the Federal Foreign Office.

Yes, laundry rooms may still be used. Please keep a sufficient distance if several students are using the laundry room at the same time. Please stay only as long as necessary to avoid group gatherings.

Keep as much distance as possible to other residents. Avoid group gatherings and meetings. Wash your hands regularly and carefully with soap (for at least 20 seconds) and air your room regularly.

Please note – in order to limit the potential spread, we kindly ask residences with common rooms on each floor (kitchens, bathrooms) to stay only on their own floor and to use these rooms alone and alternately.

All other community spaces are currently closed, we ask kindly ask for your understanding.

Our teams on site are available for you. We recommend to use phone or email, but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties. We will listen to you, answer questions and find a solution together.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at any of our Nido residences.

We are working to improve the internet speed in all Nido residences across Germany, at the moment the speed is different in each residence so please ask the local team of the residence you’re interested in.

Simply contact your Nido team by phone or email and we will organize an appointment with you and our maintenance team.

The regular rental period is 12 months, unless otherwise stated on our website or our booking portal. Special conditions apply to the Lilienthal Studios in Bremen.

Sure, even if you are not yet of age, you can still rent an apartment with us. After entering your personal data, the system automatically recognises whether the person is underage. If this is the case, the system will forward a consent form to a parent or guardian. Once this document has been signed and verified, the booker can complete their booking journey.

No, there are several ways to book rooms in our Nido Studios. We require proof that you are enrolled in an educational institution (university, college, language school, training center, etc.), you can also stay with us as an intern.

We also offer room categories for young professionals for all locations, where you can move in upon presentation of a work certificate. You can find these categories on our website under “Young Professionals”.

When booking, it is important to choose the right category, because you will receive a rental contract for a student or as a young professional.

Here you can find our sample leasing agreements for:


Young Professionals

Except your ID and visa, all certificates can be submitted up to 2 weeks after check-in if they are not yet available when booking online.

No, unfortunately not, but please contact our local studio team if you have any questions about how to get to the residence.

Depending on the location, there are bicycle parking spaces in the underground car park or outside, if available, bike racks are listed under ‘Facilities’ on the residence page, please contact the studio team for more information on parking.

Depending on the location you will find different bike rental companies. In Bremen, Kiel and Berlin e.g. Swapfiets.

Yes, if you are not at home, the Nido team is happy to accept your parcels and you can pick them up during office hours. Please let the team know beforehand.

In all our houses we offer the possibility to use free of charge rental items. These include cleaning equipment, sporting goods, etc.

In most of our houses you will find Nespresso towers, where we provide coffee on-demand at a reasonable price.

Our five-step online booking process is designed so that you can book your desired apartment within 5 minutes:

  1. Select whether you are a student or young professional
  2. Find your suitable apartment which you want to book
  3. Register your data and upload important documents (copy of ID, proof of enrollment, employment contract, SEPA document)
  4. Read and sign your lease easily online
  5. Pay the one-time service fee, the deposit, which consists of two months’ rent, and click “Complete Booking” to secure your apartment

Please follow all detailed instructions during the online booking process.

Here is a list to prepare you ideally for the booking process.
Instructions – Online Booking.

Apart from ID (passport) and visa, all certificates can be submitted up to 2 weeks after check-in if not already available at the time of online booking.

You are welcome to arrange either an online tour or an on-site tour with our team. You can also visit our website and select your desired location there to request an appointment directly via “Book a tour” using our contact form.

Just as easy as with your first booking, you can extend your apartment in a few minutes. The booking process differs, depending on which current rental contract you currently have with us. Generally, we always contact our tenants first before we release the rooms on our website again to give you enough time to extend your apartment.

For more details, please follow instructions in this document.

Our booking process is available online through our website: The steps to get you to the confirmed booking are as follows:

  1. Select your desired room category, the duration of the term and register with us on the Nido Portal (StarRez) with your contact details
  2. Upload all necessary documents electronically on your Nido portal (copy of ID/passport, proof of study/work, visa and SEPA document etc.)
  3. Sign your rental contract electronically
  4. Finalize your deposit payment and service fee payment
  5. As a last step you have to click on “Finalize Booking”

Once you have completed all these steps, a team member will review your booking request and contact you again if we are missing any information/documents. You will then receive an automatic booking confirmation from us, which will reach you within 48 hours.

When you receive a booking confirmation, your room is secured and you do not need to do anything else. Please check your spam folder, sometimes our emails end up there. Our team will then contact you to coordinate your move-in date.

The bookable rental periods are always shown on the website and in the booking portal. As a rule, the rental period is 12 months, our Lilienthal Studios in Bremen are currently an exception, here we also offer rental periods from 4 weeks. You can extend your contract with us at any time, provided there are free rooms available at that time. Please renew your contract as soon as possible, otherwise we will release your apartment for sales.

The house rules are part of the rental agreement, so you can read them at any time. Each house also has printed house rules. The house rules are part of the concluded rental agreement and can be adapted by Nido at any time.

You have the right to cancel the rental contract within 14 days after signing. This must be done in writing by e-mail or post and will be confirmed by our team on site as soon as it has been checked. You will find a sample cancellation form in your rental agreement on page 23. After this period, the booking can no longer be canceled. If you have not moved in with us, you will be refunded the service fee, deposit and your first month’s rent.

You can ask your local team about the post-rental process. In general, however, you have signed a binding contract with us after the expiration of your right of cancellation. Every tenant has the possibility to cancel his apartment with a notice period of four weeks to the end of the month by naming a suitable next tenant. However, the landlord is not obliged to accept a new tenant. Depending on the contract, the current tenant has to pay a flat fee of 150€ for the new tenant.

The all-inclusive rent includes costs for water, electricity, heating, and internet.

No, the amounts must be paid via bank transfer. You will find the bank details for the payment of the rent and deposit in the rental agreement as well as in an email sent through our online Nido portal during the booking process.

Before you move in, we require a deposit of 2 month’ rent. You’ll get this back after you move out, if your apartment has been kept in good condition.

We would then charge a one-time service for any room booking. This fee depends on location and the length of your contract. Please click here for a more detailed cost overview.

The service fee is due when the contract is concluded (new contract and renewal) and includes the following service offers:

· Contact person on site
· Free items to borrow from reception, such as vacuum cleaners, irons, tools, etc.
· Parcel acceptance
· Use of the communal areas and all facilities in the house and the facility
· Participation in community events

You’ll also have to pay your broadcasting fee (known as “GEZ-Gebühren”). On the day you move in, we will give you a brochure with information about this contribution. Further information can be found here:

The “Rundfunkbeitrag” also known as “GEZ Gebühr” must be paid by each tenant. The “Rundfunkbeitrag” is not included in the all-in rent. It is the fee that is incurred for the use of public service broadcasting. Currently (2019), the fee is 17,50 € per month.

You should send us a proof of payment for your first rent, the service fee and your deposit within the first 48 hours after you have finished the booking process. (The first month’s rent can also be paid afterwards, however 14 days prior your lease agreement starts.)

Please, be aware that we have two different bank accounts.

The rent must be paid in advance via Direct Debit transfer at the latest on the 3rd working day of the beginning month. You can finish the procedure for the direct debit transfer during the booking process or afterwards in your Nido portal.

Our local team will arrange a move-in date with you, which you can easily book online and thus choose your suitable time slot. We will share this link with you as soon as we have received your payments (service fee, deposit, first month’s rent). Before you move in you will receive additional information about your new home, where we have summarized all the important points of your new apartment for you.

On the day you actually move in, our team will meet you on site and show you around the house and hand over your room together with you. The start of the rental period is always the first of the month.

Once you have found your apartment, you only need to pay your deposit, your one-time service fee to secure your room with us. The deposit value is equal to two months rent, so the amount varies depending on the room you want. The rent for your room will then be paid in monthly payments, the first of which must be paid before check-in.

To move in, please bring your valid identification document (ID card or passport) and, if necessary, documents that you were not able to prove at the time of your booking.

Your studio team will provide you with the registration form/lessor’s confirmation during check-in.

Every citizen must register at his or her place of residence.

That’s a law and must be done within 3 days of the actual move-in date (not after finalizing the rental contract). You can be registered in any civil registration office, regardless of the district in which you reside. Your house manager will provide you with the registration form/lessor’s confirmation after you move in.

Our team will arrange a move-out date with you to check out your room. You will be contacted about two weeks in advance to arrange a pre-checkout of your apartment to check the condition of your room with you.

After we have accepted the hand-over of your apartment together with you and you have no rent arrears with us, we will contact our accounting department. The refund of the deposit usually takes place within 4-6 weeks.

No, when you are packing to move into your Nido residence you will need to pack your own linen, duvet, pillows, towels and kitchen crockery, pans, pots etc.

Own kitchens and common kitchens are rented without additional equipment (i.e. without crockery, cutlery etc.). We provide you with the main electrical appliances. (e.g. refrigerator, stove…).

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