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Bremen University of Applied Sciences

The innovative and practice-oriented University of Applied Sciences of Bremen offers you around 66 courses in various different fields: engineering, nature, economics and social sciences, etc. It is only a 10-minute bike ride from Lilienthal Studios. Do you want to know more? Contact us. We love talking to you.

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image icon The Lilienthal Studios offer fully furnished, homey and stylish apartments that are available for short or long-term stay.
image icon Nido is just a 15-minute walk from the city centre.
image icon Get to campus in 15 minutes with the R6

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Living costs

We think a lot about you and know that budgets can be tight while at university. 

As we know our Bremen Nido neighbourhood inside and out, we’ve listed a few of your potential living costs so you can get a better idea of what life in Bremen will look like. Please note that these are averages and may change throughout the year

Loaf of bread
Cup of coffee
Bus tickets