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Cancellation Policy

This is a cop of the 23/24 cancellation policy you will read and accept as part of the booking process if you book a room with Nido.






7.1 The Tenant, Guarantor and the Landlord agree that this Tenancy became contractually binding upon the Parties at the point of booking by virtue of the Tenant’s electronic acceptance of this Tenant and payment of the Holding Deposit by or on behalf of the Tenant (failing which this Tenancy and the associated booking shall terminate and be of no effect).  Notwithstanding this, the Tenant, Guarantor and the Landlord agree that a hard copy of the Tenancy can be physically signed by each Party in separate counterparts of this Tenancy if requested by any Party.


7.2 If, prior to the Start Date, the Tenant is not accepted for the Tenant’s first year of study by an educational institution in the United Kingdom providing full time education the Tenant has a period of 7 days starting on the date of the Tenant’s receipt of notification of rejection from such educational institution in which to notify the Landlord in writing and to provide with that notice a copy of the rejection letter by either:


7.2.1 emailing; or


7.2.2 mailing by first class or recorded delivery post to,


In which case if the Landlord is satisfied with the evidence provided, the Landlord shall terminate the Tenancy and such termination shall be deemed to be effective on the day after the email was sent to the Landlord or 2 Working Days after the date of posting to the Landlord.  7.3 If the Tenant’s booking and this Tenancy are cancelled in accordance with clause 8.2:  7.3.1 the Tenant’s booking and this Tenancy will terminate; and 7.3.2 the Landlord will, for the avoidance of doubt, not refund the Holding Deposit to the Tenant.  7.4 If the Tenant makes a booking and this Tenancy becomes contractually binding upon the Parties in accordance with clause 7.1, the Tenant agrees that the cancellation rights will end on the Start Date.  7.5 if the Building is damaged or destruction was caused by the wilful actions, negligence or default of the Tenant, payment of the Rent shall be suspended until the Building is fit for occupation and use.