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The Ultimate Student Guide For Things To Do Denmark





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Best Things to do in Denmark

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but Denmark is quite literally one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From colourful houses to serene canals and glorious harbours, studying in Denmark is a magical experience.

When it comes to student life in Denmark, on top of the outstanding academic facilities this country boasts, you might be wondering about the best things to do in Denmark. Whether you’re looking for cultural, sporty, musical, eco-friendly or free things to do in Denmark, there’s something for everyone!

Will you spend your student life in Denmark travelling to all the 400 islands that the country is made up of, or perhaps you’ll save up your money and go to the Riskilde festival over the Summer?

Whatever your interests are, Denmark has a brilliant range of attractions, activities and culture to help you create the perfect study-life balance to thrive and reach your potential.

So, what are some fun things to do in Denmark? That’s where we come in! At Nido Denmark, we’re committed to helping you live your best student lives so we’ve put together a guide on the best things to do in Denmark in Summer, Winter and all year around.

This guide will cover the following:

  • How to live your best student life in Denmark
  • What to do in Denmark when friends and family visit
  • Things to do in Denmark in Summer
  • What to do in Denmark in Winter

We want you to fall in love with Denmark as much as we have, so sit back and be prepared to have your mind blown about how wonderful Denmark truly is.

Student Life in Denmark

So let’s get started then…how can you live your best student life in Denmark?

Between studying and making new friends, you might be worried that you won’t have the time or the budget to explore the idyllic country of Denmark. However, there are so many free things to do in Denmark that you’ll never need to worry about your budget because there are always free or cheaper alternatives. Plus, there are several easy ways of getting around Denmark that are cheap, quick and easily accessible so you won’t need to plan your days out too far in advance. Spontaneous road trip anyone?

If you want to live the ultimate student life in Denmark, you need to know all about what this wonderful country offers. What better way of doing that than exploring as much of it as possible. Public transport is a great way of getting around in Denmark, especially in big cities like Copenhagen. However, there are also some fun alternative methods that we think you’ll love. Cycle touring in Denmark is massively popular so you can grab your helmet and use some of the 12,000 km of cycle routes they have. For those who want the ultimate Danish experience, why not travel by water? That’s right Denmark is home to the most relaxing mode of transport ever – canal boats! Relax and unwind as you glide down the canals and take in the breathtaking views of Denmark.

Now you know about getting around in Denmark, let’s talk about how to get to know the country you’re studying in better. Some of the most fun things to do in Denmark are actually the most simple. To discover everything you need to know and more about Denmark, we think you should:

  • Visit local bars, restaurants and cafes to try local foods and Danish pastries
  • Take a roadtrip to a different city than the one you’re staying in
  • Go to museums, castles and art galleries to learn more about Danish history and culture
  • Grab and coffee and explore the amazing greenspaces Denmark has to offer
  • Become a tourist for the day and visit Denmark’s top attractions, such as The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen
  • Take a trip to the local shopping facilities to understand where you can buy food, clothes, and other essentials

You don’t have to do any of these alone either. One of the best things about Denmark is it’s a very sociable country which means there’s plenty to do with friends. So you can have a perfect blend of exploring on your own and with your new university friends. There are unlimited possibilities for how you can spend your time in Denmark on a student friendly budget and we can’t wait for you to try as many as you can!

What To Do in Denmark When Family & Friends Visit

As a student, you’ll have so much fun making new friends, coursemates and flatmates, but there’s truly nothing better than when your friends and family from home come to visit (especially if they bring clean washing and food shopping with them)!

After showing them around your beautiful student accommodation and pointing out where your favourite pub is, you’ll probably want to look for fun things to do in Denmark with them that you may not have done yourself. Whether you suggest bike touring in Denmark or visiting a museum to learn more about the history of where you’re living, whatever you choose to do needs to show your friends and family how amazing Denmark is.

Here are our top 5 unique things to do in Denmark that will teach your friends and family about the culture, history and all around wonderfulness of this brilliant country:

Copenhagen Dox film festival

Are you and your friends film buffs? Perhaps your sister is a huge fan of documentary films? The Copenhagen Dox film festival is one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world.

This festival goes beyond just films, with art exhibitions, workshops and seminars so your family will take away much more than they bargained for when they visit you.

In previous years, the festival has run events on topics ranging from TikTok and digital communities, all the way to activism and war. If you’re looking for a diverse activity that has something suitable for any friends or family who visit, the Copenhagen Dox film festival is for you.

Dyrehaven deer park

Oh deer! If your friends and family love long walks, fresh air and thousands of deer, then you should definitely take a trip to Dyrehaven deer park.

This UNESCO heritage site is one of the many free things to do in Denmark and makes for a lovely, scenic day out. Taking in the beautiful greenspace, watching thousands of deer roam freely, and maybe even enjoying a delicious picnic? Sounds like heaven to us! 

Tivoli amusement park and gardens

One of the most fun things to do in Denmark if your friends are visiting is Tivoli amusement park and gardens.

Tivoli amusement park is a seasonal attraction which means it’s only open during holiday periods such as Summer, Christmas and Halloween. However, we think this makes it one of the best things to do in Denmark because you can meet your friends outside of term-time so you won’t have the stresses of studying weighing you down.

Who doesn’t love a wild day out at a theme park? Plus at this park, if your friends are brave enough they can ride in the Rutschebanen, a wooden roller coaster that was built in 1914!

Riskilde festival

Your friends and family may not be able to visit every week, especially during exam season so when they do come and see you, you’ll want to find cool things to do in Denmark.

What’s cooler than taking them to a four-day festival that has a huge range of music to suit any taste? That’s right, nothing!

Previous acts have included The Cure and Kendrick Lamar so you can rest assured your friends and family will remember their visit to Denmark for the rest of their lives.


We know you want to find unique things to do in Denmark that will show the country to your friends and family in its full glory. Superkilen is a park that promotes tolerance and brings refugees and locals closer together. There is no better thing to do in Denmark than show off its beautiful, kind and welcoming culture. 

This diverse public park in the Nørrebeo neighbourhood represents more than 60 nationalities. The park is divided into three:

  • The green park for sunbathing and picnics
  • The black market for games such as chess
  • The red square for sports and cultural activities

The park also features various installations including swing benches from Baghdad and an outdoor Thai boxing ring so your friends and families will have plenty to do.

Things To Do in Denmark in Summer

We want to make sure you have fun things to do in Denmark in Summer, Winter and all year around so you’re never bored or wishing you had something to do.

During the Summer in Denmark, the days become very long with up to 17 and a half hours of sunlight every day! As well as more sun, heat and opportunities for fun, many bars and cafes stay open later over the Summer to give you the chance to make the most of long days.

You can make the most of all the daylight by getting involved in local events and exploring the beautiful country of Denmark. Need ideas on things to do in Denmark in Summer? Look no further!

Go Island hopping around Denmark

Did you know that Denmark is actually made up of over 400 islands? With 97 official days of Summer in Denmark, you’ll be super busy trying to tick off as many islands off your list as possible!

The main islands are Seanland, Jutland and Funen but you can also reach smaller islands by ferry. Smaller islands include Bornholm and Fur and we know you’ll have a wonderful time exploring each of the islands and understanding more about their culture, environment and history.

Enjoy the canals

As a student, you probably spend most of your time travelling by bike, public transport or on foot. However, Denmark is world-renowned for its gorgeous canals all around the country.

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Denmark in Summer that you don’t do everyday, why not take a canal tour around Copenhagen or further afield and see Denmark from a different perspective.

We couldn’t think of anything better than a relaxing, peaceful canal ride in the Summer heat – don’t forget to take sun cream though!

Have fun cycle touring in Denmark 

Perhaps canal tours aren’t for you but you still want to explore Denmark in the sunshine; that’s fine, not everyone’s a water baby! Instead, you can have fun cycle touring in Denmark, discovering a mixture of quiet side streets and bustling city areas.

Whether you want to cycle around Denmark to find all the best coffee shops, explore the beautiful greenspaces or simply feel the Summer breeze through your hair, bike touring in Denmark is one of the best things to do in Denmark in Summer.

What To Do in Denmark in Winter

As the seasons change and the nights get darker, you probably won’t want to spend your time drifting down the canals or cycling in the cold. In fact, the temperature can get as low as -2 degrees celsius in the mid-winter months so you definitely won’t want to spend too much time outside.

If you’re wondering what to do in Denmark in Winter, we’ve got you covered. So, what are some cool things to do in Denmark over the Winter months?

Have fun in the snow

Winter is a beautiful season in Denmark as parts of the country see between 20-25 days of snow each year, meaning it truly is a winter wonderland. There are countless things you can do to have fun in the snow in Denmark. 

Perhaps you’ll go to one of the many parks or greenspaces and start a snowball fight with your friends. Maybe you’ll go for a chilly walk and take in the breathtaking views of gorgeous castles and houses covered in snow. 

However you decide to spend your snow days, we know you’ll be having the time of your life during the Winter months.

Enjoy delicious Danish pastries

Picture the scene: It’s a Winter afternoon and you’ve braved the cold to go for a walk with your friends. You’re wondering what to do in Denmark in Winter apart from walking around and then you spot them…mouth watering Danish pastries in the window of a cute cafe.

Doesn’t spending the afternoon eating tasty Danish pastries with a warm mug of hot chocolate sound utterly wonderful? We think so too!

Christmas markets

When you’re thinking about what to do in Denmark in Winter, Christmas probably comes to mind. Christmas in Denmark is truly magical with the streets lined with bright lights and so many fun events happening.

However, nothing can beat a Copenhagen Christmas Market. It’s world-renowned and will get you into the Christmas spirit quicker than you can say ‘Julemanden’ (Father Christmas in Danish).

Spend your Winter wandering around the delightful market stalls, eating scrumptious baked goods and laughing with friends. If we had to make a list of the top 10 things to do in Denmark, Christmas markets would be a high contender, even though they’re seasonal.

Not Found Your Perfect Student Accommodation in Denmark?

So there you have it, a guide on the best things to do in Denmark in Summer, Winter and all-year around.

Whether you’re a fan of the outdoors and want to visit Dyrehaven deer park and Superkilen, or want to make the most of your student life by exploring all the islands of this beautiful country, there are so many unique things to do in Denmark.

The best part? There’s something for every budget. We understand it can be difficult to live on your own as a student and manage your budget, with rent, bills and other living costs. However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on having fun as there’s plenty of free things to do in Denmark too.

At Nido, we pride ourselves on having contemporary student accommodation in Denmark that’s right in the heart of Copenhagen, near all the action. You’ll never suffer from FOMO with us!

We take your wellbeing seriously and understand the importance of having a study-life balance which is why our accommodation has a mixture of quiet study spaces and fun games rooms. Plus, we also have a yoga and wellness room to relax in whenever you’d like.

Does this sound like a dream? Well it could be your reality if you join the Nido family in Denmark. Book a tour to take a look around Nido Bryggen, the student accommodation you could soon be calling home. You can also get in touch with us with any questions you have and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.