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Preparing for Check-In at NIDO





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OMG! It’s almost time to move into Nido Student Living! I can’t believe I will be living in Central London – so close to the action – so close to everything. What do I do first? What’s it all going to be like?!

Hello blog readers… for some of you out there this is your first exposure to living alone, in a big city, maybe not even in your home country. It’s a lot to absorb. But, have no fear, Nido is here! We want your stay with us to be incredible. With our help and a little bit of work on your end, it will be!

So, what should you do the first few days you are here?

First, get everything in order for your check-in with us. We need a passport photo, your Uni Acceptance Letter (on official letterhead), a copy of your passport and visa (if you have one) and of course make sure that all your payments are made. We do have a “No Pay – No Stay” policy. Come on, even a hotel wouldn’t let you stay for free! If you are making a bank transfer, make sure you do it 10 days in advance so it has plenty of time to get to us.

Now that that’s all sorted…let’s chat about what to bring. Remember you are living in Central London. The spaces are small – that’s not just at Nido, that’s something you will deal with everywhere. Don’t bring too much stuff. You won’t need it all. Nido can have your room set up for you on arrival. Just ask! We can even rent you a TV! So, just bring your clothes, computer (we have 10Mbps broadband for free) books, some pictures and posters to decorate with. You might want some additional lighting or storage units but get here and then go out and buy them. Don’t bring candles, heaters or other prohibited items. They aren’t allowed!

Ok, you are moved in, settled in… now it’s time for the fun stuff. First, meet your new neighbours. Come on don’t be shy! Say “Hello!” Ask them what uni they go to; ask them where they are from. Living at Nido is all about the community. We have over 85 countries represented at our 3 sites, meet someone new. Attend the New Student Orientation. We host these in each of the buildings. Ask Reception when yours is. Next, meet your Resident Assistant (or as we call them, your RA). They are students who work for Nido but are here for you. They want you to succeed, have a great experience and really get the most out of your time with us. They will tell you about your floor meeting. This will be a great time to get to meet everyone on your floor and talk about the fun events you can help plan.

Wait, there are events, right here in the residence?

Heck yeah! Nido has a robust Residence Life Programme. We have BBQ’s, Club Nights, Trivia Nights, Karaoke, and all sorts of fun stuff. Link up with your building’s Facebook page as we post all of our going’s-on there.

That’s it! If you do all of these things – your stay at Nido is going to be amazing. Use all of the resources you have at your disposal. Contact your RA or your Residence Life Coordinator if you are having any issues at all. That is what they are here for!

Have a great time!