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National Exams in Portugal 2024 – Everything you need to know





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Nido Living’s Guide to National Exams in Portugal 2024

The national exam season is approaching! For many, it’s the most crucial time of the year, as these end-of-secondary-school assessments play a significant role in students’ careers and future opportunities.

During your preparation for the national exams, remember that your physical health is just as important as your mental well-being. Stay determined, but don’t forget to balance your well-being with healthy activities for both the mind and body.

Phases of National Exams

1st Phase: For 11th and 12th-grade secondary school students, exams take place in June. In this phase, students can choose to take exams in various subjects.

2nd Phase: Intended for students who did not succeed in the 1st phase or wish to improve their grades, this phase occurs in July. It serves as a second chance for those who did not achieve the necessary grade for approval in the previous phase.

National Exam Dates


1st Phase: June 14 to June 28, 2024
2nd Phase: July 18 to July 24, 2024

Best of luck to everyone!!!