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How to Perfect Your CV





Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our CV Workshop was hosted by Avalon Lee-Bacon and Julien Burdin of True North Human Capital. The session included tips for perfecting your CV, followed by one-to-one sessions where residents could get advice on their own CVs to ensure they stood out from the crowd. Here are True North’s Top Tips for CV Writing:

How to avoid getting deleted and land a meeting with your future employer?

  • Jumps off the page
  • Instant need to contact
  • Decision made from the landing page



Your Landing page refers to the section of your CV that, when viewed on a computer screen / mobile, is visible. The top 2/3 of the first page is what really sells you to your future employer. Make sure to include the key messages you’d like to get across in a concise and easy to read format.



    • Make it simple for people to contact you and always include your contact details in the headline. Remove any social media handles from this space and include these at the bottom of the page and only if relevant to the role
    • Shout about your title & make it visible. Show your future employer what you’d like to be called (i.e. Media Manager)
    • Always include your education acheivements. Make sure to include the school, course and grade attained.
    • Keep it simple. Keep your CV layout and information simple. It should be quick to find and easy to read. Don’t use boxes and it disrupts the flow for your reader/potential employer.



S – Specific 
Include who you are and what you do by incorporating your job title, company and responsibility. This will enable you to highlight your specific skills and experience.

P – Personal 
Make your CV personal to you. Add unique touches so your personality comes through for the reader. This is your time to impress so always highlight big targets you’ve met, large teams you’ve managed and P&L figures if relevant. Shout about achievements which will have emotional meaning to the reader such as impressive facts and figures and responsibilities you’ve had.

I – Intent
What are you looking for? For example: “I want to further my career in sales within an FMCG organisation, where I can utilise my international experience.”


Career History: Include your career history in concise bullet points such as:

  • Describe company
  • Role purpose
  • Results/Successes

Career Moves: Explain your career moves and always back-up your career ‘jumps’ by showing where you’ve been ambitions.


For more CV Tips and advice, make sure to register for the next CV Workshop on Monday 2nd November. To find out more about the team at True North Human Capital and their services, visit TRUENORTHHC.COM.