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Choosing Between a Studio and an Ensuite: Finding Your Ideal Accommodation in Porto





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Stuck between choosing a studio or an ensuite room? We understand how challenging it can be to decide where to live as a student, so we’ve pulled together a handy guide exploring the key factors to help you make an informed decision.

Studio Rooms

Benefits of Studio Rooms:

Studio rooms let you enjoy your independence whilst still getting the best of both worlds. They grant you the freedom to create your own self-contained sanctuary, without losing touch with the residence´s vibrant community atmosphere.

Private studios, like our Premium Studio at Nido Asprela, have their own kitchenette so you can enjoy your privacy in the evenings. The workspace in the room also makes them a haven for concentration. If you’re looking for a self-contained environment to enhance your focus, studio rooms provide the perfect setting for you to excel.

With all the private features included, you’d be forgiven for thinking studio rooms sound lonely, however this isn’t the case in modern student accommodation. You’ll still have the opportunity to interact with your fellow students in the residence’s shared spaces, like the gym.

The ability to experience the best of both worlds and create lasting connections with like-minded individuals in a stress-free and supportive environment is where studio rooms really shine.

Things to consider when choosing a studio room:

It’s important to consider that rents for studio rooms tend to be higher than their shared ensuite counterparts. If budget is a concern, you may want to consider a private space in a shared apartment. 

 Ensuite Rooms

Benefits of Ensuite Rooms:

We’ll start with the obvious – it’s in the name after all – ensuite rooms are exactly that, ensuite. Having your own private bathroom provides a sense of personal space and privacy, a nice relief from the social atmosphere of shared apartments, making ensuite rooms highly desirable for many students.

Ensuite rooms are typically set-up in larger shared apartments. Sharing a kitchen and living area with other students helps to create a uniquely social environment and a sense of community, making it a great choice for those who value social connections. 

Sharing these spaces with others helps to keep your rent down, making ensuite rooms ideal if you’re looking for more affordable options, or want to manage your expenses more effectively. 

Things to consider when choosing an ensuite room:

You may have heard horror stories about shared kitchens in student accommodations, but more often than not it’s the social atmosphere within these spaces and the friends you make living there, that make up the core of your student experience. 
That being said, if you are someone who likes to keep themselves to themselves, or you’d prefer to have your own private space, you may find studio rooms like our Classic Studio more suitable. 

Which is better?

Choosing a room is personal and it’s important to reflect on your own preferences, study habits, and lifestyle when making your decision. If you’re still not sure, you may find it helpful to book a tour and take a look yourself. Our friendly team will be on hand to answer questions you have and help walk you through all the different rooms we have available! 

Visit our Nido Asprela page and discover the diverse options tailored to meet your needs. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way in finding your ideal home away from home.