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Best Things to Do in Lisbon for Students





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Fun Things to Do in Lisbon for Students

Lisbon is the gorgeous coastal capital of Portugal, a city with no end of fun things to do on a budget. Considering studying in Portugal? Here are our top five things to do in Lisbon for new students studying abroad, especially if you love history and architecture!

We will cover: 

  • National Museum of Ancient Art
  • Village Underground Lisboa
  • Belém
  • Jerónimos Monastery
  • São Jorge Castle

Note that it’s very straightforward to get to all these places, even without a car! Lisbon has great public transport links, including trams, metro and buses. As we’ve mentioned before, it only costs €2 for a return bus journey in Lisbon, and the metro system in Lisbon is generally considered one of the cleanest in the world, so it’s lovely to ride!

Now grab your bag, and let’s go exploring!

National Museum of Ancient Art

Where better to start than with the National Museum of Ancient Art? While Lisbon is full of excellent museums, we think the National Museum of Ancient Art is one of the best places to visit in Lisbon when you’re new to the city! The National Museum of Ancient Art is one of the most famous museums in Lisbon, and the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions are incredible and date back hundreds of years. 

The permanent collection covers an enormous period of time and a wide range of artistic styles, from textiles and paintings to sculptures and ceramics. The National Museum of Ancient Art is also home to incredible exhibitions throughout the year, which continuously change, making it the ideal place to revisit time and time with new friends! Please note, though, that you will need to pay an additional fee to visit one of the exhibitions.

After moving to a new country, it’s essential to immerse yourself in the history and culture to get the best of the experience, and we think the National Museum of Ancient Art is the perfect place to start! Admission usually costs €10, but if you have a valid student card, you can receive a 50% discount! Entry to the gallery is also free until 2 pm on Sundays, so you can spend your morning exploring the galleries without breaking the bank.

Village Underground Lisboa

The Village Underground Lisboa offers a totally unique experience from any other place to visit in Lisbon! We consider going here one of the most fun things to do in Lisbon for students, as it is one of the most vibrant places in the city. 

A quirky space created entirely from shipping containers, the Village Underground Lisboa has cemented itself as a hub of art, entertainment and culture in Lisbon. It hosts a range of restaurants, recording studios, co-working spaces, event areas and even artist residences – it also has a skate ramp!

Whether you want to spend your afternoon enjoying a delicious lunch at a restaurant or dance the night away at a live music event, Village Underground Lisboa is the place to be! This brilliant venue is open all day every day, with live music events generally held on the weekend. It’s also just a 5-minute cycle away from the incredible district of Belém, so you can head over and explore after an afternoon at Village Underground Lisboa!


To uncover the treasures of Lisbon, one of the most popular places to explore on foot is the district of Belém! Belém is home to some of the city’s most stunning architecture and historic sites. The neighbourhood is renowned for its beautifully colourful houses and buildings, many of which are covered in signature Portuguese tiles – did someone say Insta-worthy? 

Perhaps most notably, Belém is home to the Torre de Belém, a 16th-century fort (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) which used to defend the city from invaders by sea. Further along the seafront, you’ll also find the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, a monument representing Portugal’s Age of Discovery – if you’re interested in Portugal’s colonial history, it’s an important site to visit!

Spend your morning walking along the coast, delving into the city’s history, and then take yourself to lunch! You’ll also find some of the most amazing restaurants in Lisbon, particularly if you’re a fan of seafood. Belém is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Lisbon for a fun day out!

Jerónimos Monastery

Visiting the Jerónimos Monastery is a necessary rite of passage for any student in Lisbon! One of the most popular sites in the city, Jerónimos Monastery is a must-visit place when you move there.

The monastery is absolutely stunning – if you’re studying architecture or are simply a fan of beautiful buildings, you’ll want to visit as soon as possible! You could spend hours upon hours walking around the monastery, taking in the gorgeous carvings, sculptures, tiles and exterior.

Jerónimos Monastery is open every day apart from Monday, between 9.30 am to 6 pm. It costs €10.00 to visit, but once again, you’ll receive a 50% discount if you have a valid student card or young person’s card. Just a 5-minute walk from Belém Tower, you can visit the monastery before wandering along the River Tagus, soaking up the fresh air and buzzing atmosphere of the city with friends.

São Jorge Castle

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Lisbon and are interested in the historical significance of Portugal, visiting São Jorge Castle is a must. 

São Jorge Castle has a rich history spanning centuries – the very first fortifications are said to have been built as early as the 1st century BC, and it survived occupation by Phenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors before its eventual conquest by the Portuguese! When you visit this majestic castle, you’ll enjoy 360-degree views of Lisbon where you can take in the incredible sights and maybe even watch the sunset.

The castle is open every day between 9 am-9 pm in March-October and 9 am-7 pm in November-February. Admission is €15.00 for anyone over 26, but if you’re a student under 26, you can enjoy discounted entry at €7.50! If you want to continue your day of learning about Lisbon’s history, São Jorge Castle is just an 8-minute cycle away from the Lisbon Military Museum.

Enjoy your best student life in Lisbon with Nido Living

What piques your interest the most? Can you see yourself dancing in Village Underground Lisboa? Marvelling in the wonder of the Torre de Belém? Watching the sunset from São Jorge Castle? If you want to immerse yourself in a city rich with culture and history, this could be the best place for you to study! 

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